Horicon NY Town Hall

Welcome to Horicon

New York State map with Horicon NY marked

The Town of Horicon is located in Northern Warren County, New York and includes the hamlets of Adirondack and Brant Lake. Our home is a quiet but spectacular place. On spring mornings, the fog lifts off our lakes and ponds to reveal the rugged beauty of the Southern Adirondacks. Summer brings fun and excitement as we welcome visitors and summertime residents as they enjoy our lakes and mountains. Fall is a firestorm of color, and opportunity for quiet enjoyment. Winter again brings a wonderland we share with visitors to our community, whether they want to fish, snowshoe or snowmobile.

Horicon is a small town where people work hard, look out for each other, and enjoy all the Town of Horicon has to offer.

Hamlet of Adirondack welcome sign
Hamlet of Brant Lake welcome sign