Food Pantry

Town residents who meet eligibility requirements can receive monthly food distribution. The Food Pantry is located in the Horicon Community Center and is open on the Tuesday following the first Monday of each month at 3pm. This day will change if it falls on a holiday. Please provide a phone number on your application so we can contact you if there is a change in the schedule.

Apply for Assistance

For more information: 518-494-4643

Emergency Assistance Available

Commodities Schedule

January 5 (Tues) @ 3pm
February 2 (Tues) @ 3pm
April 5 (Tues) @ 3pm
May 3 (Tues) @3pm
June 7 (Tues) @ 3pm
July 12 (Tues) @ 3pm
August 2 (Tues) @ 3pm
September 14 (Wed) @ 3pm
October 4 (Tues) @ 3pm
November 9 (Wed) @ 3pm
December 6 (Tues) @ 3pm

Vicki Jones Monthony - Horicon Food Pantry Supervisor

Food Pantry Supervisor:
Vicki Jones Monthony
Phone: 518-494-4643

"I have been a Town of Horicon employee for approximately 30 years and enjoy my work in the food pantry. We supply quality food in emergency situations and depend solely on donations. To donate, contact 518-494-4643."

Town of Horicon NY Food Pantry