Horicon NY Town Hall

Town Clerk & Tax Collection

Historically, The Town Clerk is a direct link between the residents and local government. The Town Clerk is responsible for all the records, books and papers of the town including maintenance, revision and distribution. The Town Clerk also serves as the Recording Secretary to the Town Board, Licensing Officer, Records Management Officer, Filing Officer, Cash Control Officer, and Tax Collector of Town and County Property Taxes.


PO Box 90 / 6604 State Rt. 8
Brant Lake, NY 12815
Phone: (518) 494-4643

Normal Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 8am - 3pm

Krista Wood, Horicon Town Clerk

Town Clerk/Tax Collector:

Krista Wood
(518) 494-4643

Tax Collection:

Town and County property tax bills are mailed December 30th.

Hours of collection and payment due dates are noted on your bill. Payments can made out to and mailed to:

Town of Horicon Tax Collector
PO Box 41
Brant Lake, NY 12815

If you do not receive your tax bill please contact the office at 518-494-4643 to request a copy, or click on the link below to print one. Failure to receive a bill does not exempt the taxpayer from payment of taxes or penalties. Taxes not paid by March 31st are turned over to Warren County Treasurer, after that date contact the Treasurer's Office at 518-761-6375 for payment information.

Town of Horicon Online Tax Search System :

*If there are delinquent taxes due on your property please contact the Warren County Treasurer at 518-761-6375 for payment information, we only collect for the current year.

**Note: SCHOOL TAXES mailed September 1st are collected by the North Warren Central School Tax Collector, not the Town of Horicon. All payments and questions regarding School taxes need to be directed to the North Warren Central School Tax Collector at (518) 494-3015 ext 706.

***For questions about your assessment please contact the Assessor, Christine Hayes, at 518-494-4198