Town of Horicon

January 2021

Looking forward to a safe, healthy, more prosperous 2021 as our year moves forward!

Enjoy beautiful Brant Lake and our Hamlet of Adirondack!  What a great area to live in and visit!


May 2019

We’ve seen great progress this year in achieving initiatives designed to upgrade town road infrastructure. Additionally we have secured grant funding for continuation of the boat steward/decontamination personnel and milfoil harvesting for a three year duration on Schroon Lake and the Horicon boat launch. Our considerable lobbying efforts have resulted in the New York State of Transportation (DOT) allowing Warren County to continue the acquisition of land and design phase of the replacement of the Middleton bridge two miles north of the existing bridge. This will provide for much quicker emergency response by Fire and EMS. Federal, State and local funding is currently slated for 2022/2023.

The 1881 Adirondack church project is slated to be completed before fall of 2019.

A new challenge facing the town is the need to repair extensive deterioration of the Millpond fountain. Currently I’m working on repair options that will ensure longevity.

Our biggest challenge going forward is the need to address town infrastructure needs while still remaining below the state imposed 2 percent tax cap. So far we have been successful.

I continue to aggressively advocate for Horicon. To this end I have established relationships not only at home but at the state and federal levels that will help us achieve our aims. So far these relationships have been very productive and I believe hold much promise for our future.

Please join me in believing we can achieve a brighter tomorrow for Horicon by working together to achieve our goals.